With two exceptions:
20 November 2021:   EGM in the Manx Museum Lecture Theatre at 2.00 pm

26 March 2022:          AGM in the Manx Museum Lecture Theatre at 2.00 pm


Saturday 23 October
Bob Moon
The Secret Kingdom of Man
Fungi are to be found everywhere from the sands and rocks of our coasts to the very highest points on our island and are vital to the healthy ecology of our biosphere. This lecture will explore some of the spectacular and often colourful diversity of the fungal kingdom that reigns in many of our island habitats.

Saturday 20 November
Extraordinary General Meeting at 2 pm to consider updates to the Society’s Rules
Followed by Peter Davey
The Manx rosy basin: a quest for ceramic identity?
Much-loved rosy basins still adorn kitchen shelves and mantlepieces throughout the island. Broken fragments are common finds in field-walking, and they are recovered from most archaeological excavations. But what are they really? Where and when were they made? What designs or decorative features makes a rosy basin? This lecture will consider these questions from a ceramic and social history standpoint and will consider how far the identity issue is one more for the Manx than for the pottery.

Saturday 11 December
Robert Stimpson
Sir Frank Gill - Global Telephone Pioneer, Dynamic Leader of the creation of the BBC
Born in Castletown, Frank Gill became regarded as the greatest telephone engineer outside America; his achievements literally spanned the globe - including Antarctica, where Gill provided the ultimately ill-fated 1910 Robert Falcon Scott expedition to the South Pole with special telephones. On the wider stage, Gill’s work spanned over 20 countries and he received Royal awards from monarchs in Spain, China and Japan. Indeed, his telephone systems had been blessed by Bishops and opened by Kings! He was the fundamental driving force in the setting up of the British Broadcasting Company or BBC, and in the Second World War, Gill ran the company which made the British equivalent of the German Enigma machine.


Saturday 22 January
Fenella Logan
Maughold Parish Church:  a structural analysis
The fabric of Maughold Church has a long history, influenced by socio-religious, political and economic change. As one of the oldest buildings in continuous use on the island, a timeline for the evolution of the church over its 1,000 year (plus) existence is proposed. This proposal has been developed through a thorough structural analysis of the building, consideration of how its fixed features relate to one another, reviewing all available sources and studying the remaining architectural fragments.

Saturday 26 February
Jude Dicken, Andrew Johnson, Laura McCoy (Manx National Heritage)
Digital collections: Newspapers, Wildlife and the Historic Environment
Digital collections are powerful.  They surprise, empower and engage new audiences.  MNH will tell how the iMuseum Newspapers, the National Biodiversity Network Atlas Isle of Man and the Isle of Man Historic Environment Record websites collectively put a global audience in touch with the Island’s social history, archaeology and natural history in a way that is dynamic and responsive to new knowledge and research.

Saturday 26 March
Annual General Meeting at 2 pm
Followed by Nigel Crowe
Some Interesting Documents Came to Light:
Assessing the implications of the cache of mid-18th century documents concerning Milntown, identified in 2014 among the Curwen Estate Office papers at Whitehaven Record Office.

Please note this programme has been drawn up on the basis of the current (lack of)  COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings; should the situation change we will advise members by email and also via our web site and our FaceBook page