Join the Society

Benefits of membership include attendance at Events (meet others, talk to and learn from those with expertise, contribute your own knowledge, visit parts of the Island you do not know or gain new insights into the familiar). Annual members receive a free copy of Isle of Man Studies (the Proceedings) each year; Life Members pay a reduced rate of £7.50 if they collect their copy at the AGM, otherwise £7.50 + postage/packing.

A Membership Application Form can be printed off from this site.  They can also be obtained at meetings and may be available at the Manx Museum - please ask at reception.

  • Individual annual membership  £20.00
  • Family annual membership (one address)  £25.00
  • Young people over 12 in full-time education without family membership  £10.00

Annual subscriptions are due in March each year.

Email communication / privacy policy

The Isle of Man Natural History and Antiquarian Society periodically sends out email updates to its membership, those who have subscribed to events and conferences run by the Society, and to those who have asked to be kept informed of the Society's activities. By providing your email address to the Society, you consent to receiving such updates, and membership correspondence, by email. In accordance with our obligations (including our registration under the IOM Data Protection Act), the Society takes all reasonable precautions to maintain the privacy of your email address, to ensure that the emails are only sent to those who have requested them, and that no third party can make unauthorised use of any email address to send out mailings. The Society will not pass your email address to any third party without your permission.

If you have provided the Society with your email address and no longer wish to receive updates, or if you receive unsolicited email from any address, then please inform us at and we will take appropriate action.