Buildings at Risk

Tue, 24 May 2016

Buildings At Risk

In Autumn 2015, the Isle of Man Natural History and Antiquarian Society, alarmed at the continued neglect of the Island’s built heritage, offered to host a meeting with like-minded groups to discuss what might be done to highlight and promote awareness of the plight of vulnerable buildings.

As a result, a group - now known as the Alliance for Building Conservation - has been formed which already includes all the active Heritage Trusts on the Island and national groups such as the Victorian Society, Steam Railway Supporters Association, Save Mann's Heritage, and the Antiquarian & Natural History Society.

Their mission is to draw the Nations’ attention to buildings of architectural or historic value, and what’s at risk; and to encourage and support Government, Planners and Developers to return to best practice (which sometimes need not cost much more than neglect).

It is absolutely recognised that, with rare exceptions, buildings cannot just be preserved – the ideal result is often if a building can be adapted to provide a sustainable use without damage to the important features.  Key to this is the availability of conservation support to/within the Planning & Building Control Directorate and to owners/developers; and recognition of buildings of value and their registration if appropriate.

Starting on Tues 24th May, a fortnightly series of features is being carried in the IOM Examiner (for which we are grateful to IOM Newspapers) - comprising features on buildings at risk, buildings that have been lost, and buildings which have found sustainable saviours; accompanied by articles highlighting the importance of our built heritage, how it can be sustainably conserved, and issues with Planning and Registered Building and ways in which these might be improved.

The features and associated articles highlighting aspects of building conservation can be read in the Examiner. They can also be read online on the IOM Examiner's website - usually about a week after they appear in print.  The online copies linked-to below are courtesy of IOM Newspapers - click on the date link to read an article.

24 May 2016: Launch article Buildings At Risk - loss of the Nation’s treasures
                       Feature on the Castle Mona

7 June 2016: Feature on Port St Mary Railway Station
                       Article A discredited Building Registration system?

21 June 2016: Feature on Peel Sailors' Shelter
                        Article An open and transparent Building Registration system?

5 July 2016: Feature on Douglas Drill Hall
                     Article Military Heritage saved - for now

19 July 2016: Feature on Sustainable conservation of Water Mills
                       Article Tynwald review of Planning is welcome but reform of
                                   Building Registration needs to be included

2 August 2016: Feature on The contribution and importance of Manx farms to our
                                              built heritage and ways they can be re-used

16 August 2016: Feature on The continued drip-by-drip destruction of Douglas Quayside

30 August 2016: Feature on Port Erin Hotels and the effect of neglected buildings on the
                                              surrounding environment
19 September 2016: Feature on Horse Tram Stables
                                  Article Don't sell the family silver
4 October 2016: Feature on Changing attitudes to Building Conservation on adjacent shores
18 October 2016: Article on Finding ways to conserve our valuable buildings
1 November 2016: Feature on Gaiety Theatre and the Villa Marina
                               Article on Importance of 'Registration' and 'Conservation Area' status
15 November 2016: Feature on Armitage Rigby and his neglected works
29 November 2016: Feature on Peel Centenary Centre and Peel Brickworks Office
13 December 2016: Feature on Isle of Man Bank Athol Street and 'modernisation'
3 January 2017: Feature on Industry through the ages in Laxey
17 January 2017: Feature on Horse Tram Tracks
31 January 2017: Feature on Buildings in Ballaugh
14 February 2017: Feature on Courthouses and Courtrooms
28 February 2017: Feature on Lorne House
14 March 2017: Feature on Ropeworks and Ropewalks
28 March 2017: Feature on Swimming Baths/Pools
11 April 2017: Feature on Castletown Police Station and Mackay Hugh Baillie Scott
25 April 2017: Feature on St. George's Church, Douglas
9 May 2017: Feature on the Fort Anne
23 May 2017: Feature on Langness Lights and Herring Towers
6 June 2017: Feature on Groudle Glen
This list will be updated as new articles are published.